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Organization is also used to define “an association of interconnected people within an organic structure working together toward a common purpose”.

As a financial advisor, I rarely came across an organization – be it a business, company or work group – where people were truly happy. I find that unfortunate.

Most organizations are focused on creating more productive employees but don’t take into account that people give more and are more engaged in their work when they are happy.

High performance is a natural outcome of knowledge and skills whose expression and development thrive in fertile soil. That soil is the company’s values and culture.

Happy (and profitable) organizations” is a method that uses the values of the company and the purpose of its leader(s) as the starting point to creating a tailored organizational solution.

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes that people make the difference and wants a cohesive team working collaboratively toward the company’s purpose in an atmosphere of accountability, then let’s work together to re-invent the organization of your company.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

A temporary Chief Happiness Officer for your company


A Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) is a manager who brings the principles of the science of happiness to companies, transforming them into positive organizations. Positive organizations are more resilient, responding more rapidly and successfully to change, which is the only true constant in our world.

While CHO’s are becoming increasingly popular in large corporations. SMEs might not have the budget to keep a permanent CHO on staff. This is why I created the temporary CHO service.

As a former Chief Financial Officer turned CHO, I design projects that will make companies not only happier but more profitable.

Reach out to me to learn how your company can become happier and more profitable!

As a temporary CHO I offer:

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    Listening: a survey will help us get a snapshot of the organization and after targeted interviews, we will put pen to paper, writing down the needs and values of the entrepreneur and of his/her company and stakeholders (partners, shareholders, employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, etc.). This will enable us to design together the most suitable structure and processes to build a happier and more profitable organization;

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    Tools: based on these needs, I will recommend the most effective tools to become a lean organization in every respect, one with the clear goal of generating more value and minimizing waste, whatever its form;

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    Solutions: with the support of a network of professionals (temporary or fractional managers with skills ranging from sales to marketing and administration),we can decide the best organizational solution to keep the company on track on what delivers greater value and, thus, greater success.

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    Monitoring: regular check-ups on progress;

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    Periodic reassessment: in case of needed adjustments or if a particular area of the company requires a boost.

Reach out to me to learn how your company can become happier and more profitable!

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